Psoriasis referral criteria

Our people help biopharma get their medicines to the people who need them.

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We help customers gain insight and access to their markets and ultimately demonstrate their product's value to payers, physicians, and patients. A significant part of our business is acting as the psoriasis referral criteria liaison to physicians or, providing therapy area educational input to physicians and patients.

With the right experience, you can help deliver medical breakthroughs in the real world.

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Thaiföldi pikkelysömör krém Clinical Trial Educator CTE will provide information and education on clinical trial inclusion and exclusion criteria to trial coordinators and healthcare providers.

The Clinical Trial Educator will provide in-service presentations with the goal to increase patient enrollment.

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The CTE works in partnership with CRAs and other field-based medical teams for optimal trial execution, developing tailored recruitment plans. This position also requires the Clinical Trial Educator to work with referring physicians and develop referral networks to support the sites, as well as work with support groups in the therapeutic area.

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